BKK Management Group

Case study


NIVEA - Mother's day campaign


With Mother’s Day approaching, our team was tasked to help develop the platform to integrate with JD Central to promote NIVEA with Relationship as gimmick. Our team was able to design the WebApp that allows customer to order NIVEA with pictures of them and their mother printed on the packaging.

Involving sample customers in our development allows us to discover the User Experience (UX) that is very simple to use and requires no learning. We decided to include as few clicks as possible to accomplish the task and removed the unnecessary steps. In addition, we design with mobile first responsive in mind.

The result was a high level of engagement from customers, accessing through JD Central, with engagement supporting 400,000 access within 2 weeks. Our team also develop back-end admin system to allow NIVEA Team to process the order further with an easy to use interface

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