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MINOR - SMART feedback

Smart Feedback, Smart Business

Minor Lifestyle is one of the business finding the right solution to achieve NPS and insight data from their customer. With the suggesting IT solutions from BKK Management Group, we developed and designed a system to collect customer feedback systematically and thoughtfully for the best practice for data collection and data management to deliver the business needs.

(Our team developed Smart Feedback for best practice of user experience. The smart features our team had developed was convenient for customer to give their feedback of the service and rate their shopping experience easily by scanning a QR code.)

Smart Feedback is operated more than 100 branches in the stores of Minor Lifestyle. More than 1000 feedbacks are collected per day. The data will then be shown visually for Minor Lifestyle team. Accordingly, the Smart feedback performs efficiently for the executives to determine the KPI, evaluate performance of the employees, and more essentially, establish business strategies to achieve their larger vision.


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