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Chulalongkorn University - Gened Website

Design thinking in action

When received the brief to redesigned the website for Chulalongkorn University, our team follows the Design Thinking process very strictly and ensure that we co-develop with our end-users by continuous interviews, case scenario designs, and prototyping. 

We discovered that the first thing students need when visiting the page is SEARCH for the classes to register. So we move search feature to the first page, even before news. With search feature accessible, the number of visit per month (compared to same period previous year) has increased by 4 times.

NIVEA - Mother's day campaign


With Mother’s Day approaching, our team was tasked to help develop the platform to integrate with JD Central to promote NIVEA with Relationship as gimmick. Our team was able to design the WebApp that allows customer to order NIVEA with pictures of them and their mother printed on the packaging.

Involving sample customers in our development allows us to discover the User Experience (UX) that is very simple to use and requires no learning. We decided to include as few clicks as possible to accomplish the task and removed the unnecessary steps. In addition, we design with mobile first responsive in mind.

The result was a high level of engagement from customers, accessing through JD Central, with engagement supporting 400,000 access within 2 weeks. Our team also develop back-end admin system to allow NIVEA Team to process the order further with an easy to use interface

Grobest- Grobest salesforce

Increased work efficiency

BKK Management Group developed and designed “Grobest Salesforce” to improve the efficiency of the sales team, supporting their work by tracking their sales data and the customer data to ensure the relationship with customers to perform the satisfying outcomes. Grobest Salesforce is presently used by 13 Grobest sales team throughout Thailand with more than 120 users.

Not only the salespeople are able to track their individual target sales goals and manage to maintain the relationship with their customers without difficulty,  the executives can also utilize the data with the maximum benefits to establish strategies on account of the effective system and the functional data visualization developed by BKK Management Group.

City Storage

Managing reservation and tracking payments status for storage service could be overwhelming. However, BKK Management Group has a smart solution to solve this problem. Introducing our intelligent system that supports the reservation system functionally, making it easier for the admin to record and track storge booking and all payment types systematically and more conveniently through our UX designed by highlighting simplicity and effectiveness

We thoughtfully created and designed Citystorage with the goals to deliver the greatest value to our customers, as can be seen by the Webapp, increasing efficiency in administrative work. Not only the administrative team, but the executives can also track the data and the report to evaluate working process and establish marketing strategies proficiently.

MINOR - SMART feedback

Smart Feedback, Smart Business

Minor Lifestyle is one of the business finding the right solution to achieve NPS and insight data from their customer. With the suggesting IT solutions from BKK Management Group, we developed and designed a system to collect customer feedback systematically and thoughtfully for the best practice for data collection and data management to deliver the business needs.

(Our team developed Smart Feedback for best practice of user experience. The smart features our team had developed was convenient for customer to give their feedback of the service and rate their shopping experience easily by scanning a QR code.)

Smart Feedback is operated more than 100 branches in the stores of Minor Lifestyle. More than 1000 feedbacks are collected per day. The data will then be shown visually for Minor Lifestyle team. Accordingly, the Smart feedback performs efficiently for the executives to determine the KPI, evaluate performance of the employees, and more essentially, establish business strategies to achieve their larger vision.


BMPLC - issue tracker

Smart Feedback, Smart Business

BKK Management Group is proud to present a smart tool aiming to implement in business operation, especially manufacturing. Helping to track issues occurring along working process or in factory. While creating collaboration among the team to eventually tackle down problems or issues, ensuring the continuity of the work.

Issue Tracker was thoughtfully designed for business management from the fundamental up to the broad view of the business. The working team in factory can easily notify issues also provide more details by taking a picture of the situation, assign the people to manage the issue in the next step. In the overview, the executives can see the whole picture, track problem management status also utilize the data for designing preventions or efficient strategies in the future.


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